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Chat, Talk, Fun! #Zerodata charges

Communicate with friends and family via text, images, voice notes, audio and video calls, completely data-free. Download now to enjoy data-free messaging and calls.

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Data-Free, Reliable Messaging & Calling

Message and call your friends and family #data-free. ReachOut uses your phone's internet connection but would not use your data if you are on a supported network.

ReachOut works even if you don’t have an active internet data subscription/bundle.

Everything, End-to-End Secure

Messaging and calling on ReachOut are end-to-end encrypted, meaning we can't read your messages or listen to your calls, and no one else can either..

ReachOut uses sophisticated end-to-end encryption to keep your conversations secure

Find. Interact. Transact with Businesses securely

Go to your ReachOut contact list and find the businesses you care about. Interact and transact with the businesses through a conversation knowing that it is secure and private.

Finding businesses is super easy on ReachOut. Transacting with businesses on ReachOut is safe, secure and private. Receive updates and information from the businesses you care about.

Share Anything

Send text, voice notes, photos, videos and files all #data-free. With ReachOut you avoid SMS, MMS and internet data fees.

Sharing texts, voice notes, photos, videos and files are #data-free.

Always Private and Secure

Your privacy and security is always maintained. No read receipts*, presence/online status updates. No one can tell whether you read their message or not or how long you've been online for.

Your privacy and security are always the top priotiy.

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...And enjoy a data-free messaging experience, where your privacy and security are kept.

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